Friday, 7 July 2017

Well, I wait around the train station. Waitin' for that train

Sure, I'll illustrate and typeset an A1 historical map of Sydney's rail system. How many stations will need placing and labelling? Oh, 255 stations on 27 lines. Hmmm, that's quite a few. Okay then, lets see how we go fitting all that information in...

Earlier this year I was commissioned to illustrate a historical map of Sydney's rail lines and stations. I was supplied with a rough layout and information of when the lines and stations opened, moved, extended, renamed or closed. A complex document to layout! I would like to think the result remains visually simple and easy to follow.

Truth is I enjoy putting together a historically based info-graphic like this and it makes me happy thinking of the historical train enthusiasts eagerly pouring over the carefully presented information.

If historical rail maps of Australia are your thing you can find this map and others available for purchase on Steve Watson's website


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