Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Celebration Sunfish, probably a Christmas card

Celebration Sunfish

Celebration Sunfish
The Ocean Sunfish, also known as a Mola Mola, loves a reason to celebrate. Christmas, holidays, birthdays, whatever the occasion it will be there dressed as a present with a big bow on its head.

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Not quite sure why those jellyfish look so happy. Sunfish eat jellyfish.

When I drew this I had it in mind that it was to be for Christmas card. Now that I look at it I can see it would work equally well as a card for birthdays or in fact any celebration. A versatile sunfish!


  1. Those jellyfish are so happy that when I look at this I can hear them making crazy sound effects! Ocean Sunfish will gobble them up when he's good and ready I reckon! Great card - I want some!

    1. Thanks Julianne. I wonder what crazy sound effect those jellyfish would be making? Maybe little bubbly outbursts, laughs and watery sing alongs.

    2. Couldn't resist! Went and bought a stack of your cards! Now I'll be having bubbly outbursts!

    3. Well I am flattered! I hope you and your Christmas card recipients enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. Thanks!