Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Make your own paper cat mask

Print out a cat mask, colour it in, and wear it!

I have prepared two versions of a cat mask for you to print out and put on.
The first is pre coloured in grey. The second is for you to colour in as you like.
Make whichever cat mask you prefer.
See below for instructions.

These cat masks and the electronic files they appear on are © Richard Morden. 
They are for private use only. They are not to be altered or reproduced for any commercial use.
paper cat mask
colour in paper cat mask


Remember: Always have a grown up around when using scissors.

  1. Right click and open the image in a new window. 
  2. Print at full A4 size.
  3. Paste the A4 paper to some card cut from an old cereal packet to make the mask STRONG. Use a glue stick for pasting, as it won't dampen the paper and make it all bubbly and yuk.
  4. Colour in the cat mask however you like. It could be coloured to look like a pirate, like a princess, like a rockstar, or even to just look like a cat. You could use crayons, paint, ink, textas or glitter. Be creative and have fun doing it.
  5. Cut out around the cat mask and cut holes in the irises for you to see through. 
  6. Poke holes through the dots beside the eyes for the string to go through. A sharp pencil would poke a nice hole, or maybe use a safety pin and wiggle it around a little to make the hole big enough for the string.
  7. Tie a piece of string to each hole. Tie strings together behind the head.
  8. Now wear the mask and behave like a cat. Meow!
It would be great to hear how your mask making went. Leave a comment to let me know.
R :)

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