Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Collect Ten Flowers for a Pavlova Picnic

Handsome Yowie has a Flower
 Beautiful Bunyip has a Pavlova

Handsome Yowie has a Flower. Beautiful Bunyip has a Pavlova.

Collect Ten Flowers for a Pavlova Picnic!
Help the handsome Yowie find his way through the maze to a picnic with the beautiful Bunyip. If he collects 10 flowers along the way she will give him a great big slice of pavlova. Yum. This is another of my Aussie Puzzle Adventures

illustration of a maze with a yowie and a bunyip

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What are these strange beasties?

Yowies and Bunyips are Australian mythical animals or cryptids.
Yowies live in the darkest unexplored reaches of the Australian bush. They are big hairy ape-like beings similar to a Sasquatch or Yeti. Bunyips are dangerous magical creatures that inhabit isolated rivers and billabongs.

Both are to be feared and treated with the utmost caution, unless you are have brought flowers or pavlova.


  1. Ooh I love bunyips. And pavlova. When I was a kid we had elaborate games in the bush searching for bunyips!

    1. I am sure the bunyips were there, hiding, waiting, watching, and hoping you had brought a nice bouquet of flowers for them.

    2. We had an elaborate plot where the bunyips were trying to take over the town! But I sometimes remember that we were on the bunyips side in all of it! Wanted to join them in their quest. Says a lot about the town.

    3. Oh I just love the facial expression on these critters too by the way. And the big floral frock on the bunyip!

    4. Hey thanks Julianne.
      The story of kids imagining bunyips taking over the town is wonderfully evocative.