Sunday, 4 October 2015

how to throw a returning boomerang

How to throw a returning boomerang pt 2 How to throw a returning boomerang

How to throw a returning boomerang, with NumNums the Eastern Quoll. © Richard Morden 2015
A three panel pen an ink instructional cartoon.

This was my first piece for Inktober, the concept being to do an ink illustration every day for October. Not for any reason other than for fun and personal improvement. This is not something I have done before, and it is going to be quite challenging. Creating an ink illustration a day is fine, but my usual habit is to allow artwork to sit a couple of days before posting it on line. There are always changes and tweaks to do before I am happy to go public with an image. Inktober doesn't allow time for this, so some of my pics are going to be a little bit raw. Even now I am looking at these pics of a quoll wincing at all the details I ought to have done differently! I'll just have to live with it.

I will be posting further Inktober pics on

Would it be to much to post this to Illustration Friday too? The theme this week just happens to be ink :)

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