Thursday, 8 August 2013

take heart

I have made a late addition of artwork to the group show 'Take Heart' at the Gleaners Inc.

The heart theme was a perfect opportunity to start designing some vampire playing cards, one of the many things I have been saying I would do for ages.

The King, Queen and Jack of Hearts were drawn with dip pen and ink. They are inspired by the 1930s Hollywood take on Bram Stoker's vampires. Only in this interpretation Mina and Lucy are not saved from a blood sucking destiny, instead they appear to have embraced the long toothed haemoglobin habit.

Take Heart 
is hosted by Betty Jo Designs
at Gleaners Inc
2 Ballarat Street Brunswick, Victoria

The art will be up for the month of August. Why not pop in and check it out?

Here is a sneak preview of the cards, but to get a better view you will have to visit the show. I will post some clearer images of the card art when the show is over and I get the art back.


  1. Such a great idea using the vampire with hearts! awesome work! :)

    1. Thanks Kimberly. There's quite a few to go before I have done a full deck! We'll see how that pans out.