Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas cover collage

collage - Robot space santa battles the time bombs of destiny
Ethel the aardvark, the MSFC bimonthly fanzine, is now off to be printed.

For graphic content old images were collected based on the themes Christmas, time, and space... and koalas. These and all the scissors and glue I could get my hands on, were shared with a bunch of fellow sf fans. We spent the evening constructing collages.

Theirs were done with honest scissors and glue, mine were done digitally. 
Here is the zine cover art featuring a robotic father Christmas.


  1. Wish the kids could do collage digitally. I'm a bit over cleaning up honest glue and scraps!!These look great - especially the santa robot and creepy koala head angels.

    1. Glue and scraps, should be more of it.
      And crocheted brains, we need more of those too. Wait, I am sure I've seem one on a blog somewhere...

  2. Cool, looks great in colour.