Monday, 10 September 2012

spuds and staffies

I know it is a bit cheesy doing faux stencil and splatter images, but digital art is usually the quicker and simpler way to do a freelance illustration gig. The customer wanted grungy street art styled images so I created vector images which look like hand painted stencil art.

These images are part of a range of graphics for a fish and chip shop.


  1. Great staffy. It's a bit like that wolf picture you bought at Aussie Con 4.


    1. Wow Carol, you have a good memory!
      Yes the concept going on is similar to Kathleen's wolf in that you can see what it has swallowed. Obviously the style of the image is quite different.

      I occasionally have a look Kathleen's recent artworks at

      Cool stuff. Her art just gets better and better.

  2. Thanks for the blog link. Nice art and plenty of Daleky goodness.


  3. faux stencil or not... These are great! That is one cool fish 'n' chips shop, with these graphics!