Monday, 4 April 2011

morning duet with a kettle

cartoon illustration

More pen and ink coloured digitally. I overlaid a photograph of lichen on the background to give the kitchen a nicely grotty texture, and to separate it from the foreground elements.

Drawn in response to Illustration Friday theme 'duet'.


  1. nice to be happy in the morning, probably whistling tea for two!

  2. this drawing made me smile. :-)

  3. Great idea. I love the colour palette.

  4. Great colours and I love the way you've used the background texture.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone, they are really appreciated!

    I have recently been making a concerted effort to improve my colour use - careful study of other peoples work and resources like the colourlovers web site have been a big help.

    Cheers, R

  6. Duck is not real duck, so the answer is NO, I am sorry! (see more on a-i-j)
    Thanks a lot for your comment! I really appreciate it!

  7. Love it! Also a fan of the color palette, and like how you described getting the background texture.